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One on One Gaming - The Eyes of the Dragon: Part Two

Conner is in the city looking for those missing eyes. Can he round up some leads or will everything lead to a dead end, or a dead Conner...

One on One Gaming - The Eyes of the Dragon: Part One

Conner is back, and now he's on the end of some breaking and entering for once! An artifact has been stolen from the abbey and Conner is tasked with finding out who t...

PUNKTOWN - Episode 44: The Plan

Our punktowners are in a tight spot. Joseph Nye has put his plan into motion. There needs to be a good plan or this could be a catastrophe of apocalyptical proportio...

One on One Gaming - Blood Brothers: Part Three

It's the finale for this Paladin module. It's time for Connor to use some crafty tricks to put an end to this goblin menace and save the day!

PUNKTOWN - Episode 43: The Bar Burns Down

Another in-between session! This time Tenpenny loses his most prize possession, his camera! With a little help from Vinney I'm sure this is all going to end up just ...

Solo Quests: Apothecaria

Cris dives into the solo RPG Apothecaria where he becomes an alchemist witch in a Ghibli like fantasy world.

One on One Gaming - Blood Brothers: Part Two

Conner is hot on the trail of those missing paladins. Will he find them alive, or will he suffer the same fate.

PUNKTOWN - Episode 42: Kultrix is the Hero

Our crab clawed punktowner finally gets to be the hero, with a little convincing from Aikeet. The question is though, will his sacrifice be enough?

One on One Gaming - Blood Brothers: Part One

Conner is back! This time he's on the trail of some missing Paladins. Can he find out what happened to the new recruits, or will he end up dead in a swamp. Also, Co...

PUNKTOWN - Episode 41: Deep Space Accounting

Well our Punktowners have found the ship, and it seems to have some crew! Strange, they all should be dead. Something does not seem right, and the only way to get a ...

One on One Gaming - The Shroud of Olindor: Part Six

This is it! Conner finally gets to the bottom of this mystery! No more talk, time to put that insane monk skills to use!

PUNKTOWN - Episode 40: Get to the Ship

Our Punktowners have a new mission. Travel to a unknown place, outside of the galaxy, find a missing experimental starship, and retrieve a piece of technology. Well ...

One on One Gaming - The Shroud of Olindor: Part Five

Will Conner ever be able to solve this mystery? He seems to be running after dead ends, but maybe a chance meeting with a bodyguard will pay off!

PUNKTOWN - Episode 39: Vinny gets a Girlfriend

We've got another in-between episode for you! This time our down on his luck forcer finds his way to love again. Can this one be THE ONE, or will this end up like al...

One on One Gaming - The Shroud of Olindor: Part Four

Conner's continued investigation into a mysterious death, a missing magical shroud, and a host of shady individuals.

PUNKTOWN - Episode 38: The Party Part Two

The party is in full swing and the hot dog challenge is about to get serious! Can Mooch and his lady friend find the book in time? Can Aikeet keep this raucous party...

One on One Gaming - The Shroud of Olindor: Part Three

The plot thickens! Conner is up to his eyeballs in mystery! With his newfound bard sidekick he's going to hit the street and solve this tangled web if intrigue.

PUNKTOWN - Episode 37: The Party Part One

The party has been prepped, now it's time to get in there, serve some volcano dogs, and get that book!

One on One Gaming - The Shroud of Olidor: Part Two

It's time for an auction! Can Conner get the shroud with his 15K in gold bars? Will he be outbid? Or will something unfortunate happen, making everything complicate...

PUNKTOWN - Episode 36: Party Prep

Our Punktowner's have got to get a plan together. A local ultranet star has a rare book they want and it looks like he is going to be throwing a party. Time to dust ...

PUNKTOWN - Episode 35: Bookstore Fun

Our Punktowners are in need of some good ol' fashioned book learning, and a very specific kind of book learning at that. More on the occult side of things if you will...

One on One Gaming - The Shroud of Olindor: Part One

Conner is back! This time it's off to the auction house to try and procure a rare artifact for a group of collectors. Should be easy enough, right?

PUNKTOWN - Episode 34: Tenpenny Gets a Pet

It's another in-between episode! Keeper Cris pulls out the story prompt box and our Punktowners lives get more complicated, except for Tenpenny, whose life gets even ...

One on One Gaming - Redemption: Part Three

Conner is deep into the castle, but can he find out what is causing this curse and put a stop to it, and will his martial arts prowess be the key to success?

PUNKTOWN - Episode 33: Get the Eye

Our Punktowners know where the object is located and they have a plan, but what could be waiting for them? Come for the green plasma, stay for the mecha-shoggoths.

One on One Gaming - Redemption: Part Two

Conner has made it to the keep and now it is time for some good old fashion exploring, but everyone is still calling him by another name. Can Conner find out what cau...

PUNKTOWN - Episode 32: Aikeet Takes a Short

Our Punktowners have got two jobs to complete, theft and murder respectively, and with all that is going on Aikeet has his eye on the prize. Using every situation to ...

One on One Gaming - Redemption: Part One

Conner is back! This time while helping to officiate a funeral he is tasked with investigating on old keep, with a mysterious past.

PUNKTOWN - Episode 31: Two Missions

After a short Covid hiatus, our Punktowners are back! In this episode they are given two missions to accomplish, steal something and kill someone. But one of these m...

Solo Quests: Life as a Spell Scroll

Cris plays another solo game, this time it is the interesting and melancholy game where you enact the life a spell scroll, from birth to being used and discarded. Int...

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